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Merki Eyktar ehf.


About Eykt ehf.

Eykt hf. is a general contractor, participating in almost every sphere of the construction industry, such as residential buildings, commercial facilities, including office buildings, and road and bridge constructions.  In the last years, an increasing fproportion of the building and development projects are either wholly owned or managed by Eykt hf.  However, Eykt also continues to participate in public bids.

Founded in 1986, Eykt hf. is today one of the largest general contractor companies in Iceland, with about 200 employees and a similar number of subcontractors.  In 1999, the company started to place greater emphasis on hiring well educated and experienced technical staff to manage the company’s operations.  The company’s quality control system, based on the ISO 9001 Standard, although implemented, is continuously under review for possible improvements.

Eykt’s primary goal is to be a preferred contractor of, or partner to, our customers, offer outstanding services and deliver sophisticated solutions.


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